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No Smoking Day
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Made it to week 3 now time to conquer the next challenge (ALCOHOL):)

Hello All,

I have made it to week 3 :) I would not have been able to see this day a couple of weeks ago!!

Thank you for all your support and advice it has really helped :) I actually got quite excited that I had moved on to the next stage haha

Still having the cravings and still feeling as scared as I was at the beginning but I am learning different ways to cope with it...

I have not touched any alcohol since my quit date so I am very worried that it may ruin all my hard work :( I have a ten hour flight next Monday so that will be the first time I will try drinking as even if I crave a cigarette I will not be able to have one so guessing that will be a good place to start.

If anyone has any advice how to conquer this next challenge I will appreciate any suggestions :)



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I have had been out a few times and drunk alcohol. The first couple of times, I stuck to 2 drinks. I went to a dinner dance and had told my husband not to give me a cigarette if I asked for one. I didn't ask and I did have quite a bit to drink. I actually enjoyed not having to go out in the cold. When I was out on Friday, I just reminded myself that I did not smoke and did not want to be a slave again.

On a flight seems like a good place to start.


Hi kate

well done week 3 same as me :)... i'm sure you'l get through it i had a really

bad day on friday major craves so bad i nearly gave in but i'm pleased to

say i didnt..so i wasnt looking forward to going out that night but somehow

having a few beers then two very large glasses of wine i became so determinded that i wouldnt smoke i didnt even get a craving or the urge to smoke i was amazed after the day ide had.. and then on saturday had bad hangover so no cravings at all that day.. but sunday was a different story dont know how i didnt have one but i didnt..

Today as been awful from the moment i got up even now as i'm typing this it just wont go away ive ate so much today i cant tell you but my minds made up i'm not SMOKING TODAY :) thats whats getting me through little steps and reading posts on here ..

wish you well you can do it..



Maybe week three is not the best time to try it, if you're experiencing the "terrible threes" (day 3/week 3/month three are all supposed to be rotten!).

Alcohol nearly contributed to my downfall once already. Can you have just one glass and build up to more?


ive been drinkin at weekends and ive not smoked for a little over 3 weeks now, its been really hard and still is, but is getting easier over time. i wont lie everytime i drink i want a cig!!!

just do the easy thing and eat somthing greesey and fattening.! :D


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