No Smoking Day
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Where do i go?

Hi Folks,

Quick update, I ditched the patches on Thur after I forgot to change last one.

Still going strong only one problem now.

Where do I post? PLEASE HELP

Im on week 4 and we only have posts for week three or month?

Im confused lol:o

It doesnt take much to confuse me anyhow, now that I dont smoke Im a bit of a scatterbrain. Anyone else had this problem.

Cath x

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:D Hi post in month1;).....I was a total scatterbrain when giving up and still are;)lol......well done on your quit so far you are doing well:D


Hi Cath :D

Well done you 3 weeks done and dusted


Marg xx


Three weeks sorted, well done, keep up the good work, you will be talking in months in no time.



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