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No Smoking Day
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Advice please


I have had some really sad news today, and I am feeling really weepy and down. There is nothing I can do and I have sent my love to the people concerned. I am going out tonight with friends it has been planned for a long time (birthday celebrations) we have sorted out babysitters and booked tables and taxis. One of the people going out tonight is an occassional smoker. When I drink (which I will be doing tonight) I sometimes get emotional and though I don't want a fag right now I am afraid that when I go out tonight the Pinot will lower my defences, I will get all weepy again and decide that a fag will help.

I know the standard advice, don't drink too much etc etc, and trust me there is no way I want to throw the last 5 months away, just feeling low.

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Bev sweetheart I am so sorry that you have had sad news and it is hard to deal with at the best of times but when we are feeling vunerable its even harder but I promise you, you will not smoke tonight even if you get rats.

Because befor you go out you will pick a word, try and make it a word that would give you good positive vibe say like your childs name and on your way say it over and over to yourself, and as soon as you even consider having a cig say the word over and over in your head fast and then the urge will disapear I promise.

You go out and enjoy yourself and have a great hangover LOL



Hi Bev,

Sorry to hear you have had bad news today.

Just try & remember what you know to be true. A cigarette will NOT make your news any less painfull. It will NOT make you feel any better, if anything it will make you feel far worse knowing you have succumbed after all your hard work. 5 months id brilliant & I am VERY proud of you :)

Go out tonight, have some fun, have a drink with people you enjoy the company of. You don't need anything else :) :) :)

Keep strong,

Love Gaynor xxx


Hi Bev

Firstly, sorry about your sad news. Are you ok?

Secondly, when going out it doesn't matter how much you drink (believe me!), just tell your mates that you don't smoke and you won't want one, and telll them how proud you feel.

Also tell yourself that you are ok not smoking and there is no way you are going to have one.;)

Trust me. You will be ok with it. Just think strong and be strong.:)

Good luck and enjoy your evening.

Speak soon.

Ju x


Hey you. Smoking won't make the saddness go away. All it will achieve is a bad taste in your mouth, a sense of feeling rubbish and make you smell. Everything will be the same tomorrow whether you do or don't. Its a trigger. Thats all. Try and get through it without reaching for the poison stick and that'll be one less thing to tackle. Very sorry for your sad news x


Sorry bout the sad news as well, go out and have a blast. Enjoy yourself to the fullest and don't worry. You won't smoke. I have no doubt you will think bout it, but ya won't do it. You know as well as all of us, just because we quit smoking life doesn't stop happening. Making it through this will only make your quit stronger and you more confident. Enjoy yourself and don't stress, you got this.:)


Hey girl, hope you had a good night out... real sorry for what happened but smoking won't change things.... and I know that you know that. So onwards and upwards we go, eh. bella xxx


I've only just seen this and I'm sorry about your sad news

I hope you made it through smoke free


Chin up Bev

Hi Bev ....like the others in here, I too am sorry that you have had bad news and that you feel vulnerable to maybe having a "poison stick" remember thats what they are !

You already know what we are all going to say and the advise that we would offer so YOU KNOW YOURSELF ITS NOT WORTH HAVING A SINGLE FAG.

Be strong Bev you are doing sooooooooo well and we are all here for you all the way to the penthouse and beyond . Please do NOT have one but focus on coming back and telling us that you remained smoke free during your time of "being vulnerable".:cool:

We are thinking of you .:)


Quit 28th april 09

3 months patches

6 months cold turkey:D


shhhhhhhhhh please, too much noise, head hurts, tummy churning, just got out of bed.

I will just whisper I didn't have one, hurrah

and a huge thank you for your support and advice it truly made me stronger.

Now where are the headache pills in this room??


Well done Bev for staying strong.

Hope your head, tummy etc feels better soon :)

Gaynor xx


Glad you made it through even if your head hurts and you tummies all upset :eek:


Glad you made it, I thought you would, well done.



A wine a day keeps everyone away they hate moaning LOL

Hi Bev I know where you went wrong I told you to think of a word and you thought of a word and the word was supposed to be something like a child or spouses name but you picked the word WINE and instead of saying the word in your head you said it out loud and thats why you have a hang over so do I feel sorry for you.

Well yes I do and I also feel you deserve a HUGE HUG and congratulations cause you didnt smoke.

Shhhhhhhhh Sorry I shouted xxx


Hi Bev.

Well done for having a smoke free evening. We knew you could do it. Hope the tummy and head feels better now:)

Ju x


Good Girl

The giiiiiiiiiirl done good :p xx



I've only just read your fist message, I'm sorry that you have had bad news, hope you're feeling a bit better. As I was reading the other replies I was hoping that you wouldn't slip so well done, you have done so well tonight, imagine how lousy you would have felt if you had succumbed. I'm sending you a huge hug.Marie xx


Thanks again for all the support, it is my birthday tomorrow and of course going out again, but feeling a bit more able to deal with it.


it is my birthday tomorrow

Wha.... but you had one last year :rolleyes:

Have a great time tomorrow...and everyday ;)


I'm so glad it all turned out fine although not so the hangover! Have a great birthday tomm and keep going with your wonderful quit....I need someone to keep chasing to the penthouse.


Hi Bev, long time no speak. Glad you didnt get tempted, I see that you had one back in Nov, and I think you were very lucky that it was only one and you got away with it.

I hope you can hold strong for the future, and you know where one usually leads!!!



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