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Six weeks today whoop peeeeeeeeeee

I feel so garateful to this site and all the dedicated users for all the support over the last 6 weeks because without this site I am sure I would have caved before now so a big thank you, especially the 5 or 6 who have been my biggest mentors thanks again and good luck to all those following and those in front.

We havent won the war yet but each little battle gets us closer, this is my life decision and I will enjoy sticking to it x

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Six weeks, that is fantastic. You sound so positive and that is a huge part of this battle.

One day at a time, upwards and onwards to the penthouse for you.


I am going to get the key of the pent house in 46 weeks weeeeee

Oh Boo Hoo Bev I hate heights so can we have a penthouse on the third floor which will be ok

I am so excited it seems to be such an achievement for me and I suppose it is the same for every one else and we feel so cocky with it well I do now and will be glad when all the good bits catch up.

Thanks for being one of the ones LOL


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