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No Smoking Day
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13 Weeks tomorrow... sort of :/

Hi all,

I've not been in a main room for a while so though it was about time I popped in!

Life has been somewhat trying these last few weeks and I'd like to thank certain ppl here who have helped keep me sane... Pol, Zozie and Viv ;) Thanks ladies and that truly comes from the heart.

I had a little slip up last wkend, but got myself straight back on the patches, this week has actually not been too bad.

It tasted rank... made my teeth all furry and after being clear chested for so long it really wasn't pleasant and was only done due to stress and alcohol... oh it also made me feel more stressed... I am hoping that this will actually strengthen my quit in some ways.

I admit though that cravings kicked back in pretty damn quick, even though it wasn't nice! Hence being back on patch (all be it just half of one).

So that's where I am at the moment :confused:

It's 13 weeks tomorrow since I hung up my lighter... Just hope it stays there... :)

Much love hugs and well dones to everyone!

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Hi Mixxy

Good to hear from you again :)

I think your doing bloody brilliantly :cool: Hang on to your quit, this is yours to control :)

Sorry to hear about your slip/blip but keep that lighter hanging up and keep moving forward.

Its good to hear the taste was rank and only added to stress etc. It is something you can learn from and your right, it can strengthen your quit.

Take care and let us know how your doing

Pol x


Sorry to hear about your blip but well done for getting right back and continuing with your journey. You did the right thing sharing your experience, when you do, others will help you and your message will help someone else who may be struggling.



You my love are very welcome to all of the support and happy thoughts that i can possibly bestow upon you!

Your doing fabulously, and have triumphed in the face of adversity... a super strong lady and you should be very proud of yourself! We all are of you!

Slip schlip blip... its fine... its not a relapse... the furr when you blip is horrible... i remember whe i had my little 'accident' that and the sore throat for days afterwards when you've scuppered your throat healing process and set it back!

Big Love honey!

We can ALL do this TOGETHER!!!!



Does some Boings on a trampoline for Zozie :D

Thanks all for your comments, and yes I feel if I have to be totally honest here about my quit, after all if we can't be hoest here where can we be???

I do believe all our quit experiences good and bad help us all!

More power to us eh :D

Tootles off to make super healthy lunch and tries to stop the muffin top taking control :p



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