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Day 21

Well got to 21 days on CT Hypno tape and willpower not bad seeing that I promised myself that I would give up by the time I hit the big 50 on 10.02.10.

I feel the last 3 weeks has been like 3 months I read somewhere that people get time distortion when giving up.

Even though the nicotine has gone cravings still come and go some are very strong still, I will have to keep my guard up for awhile or the rest of my life I guess I dont want that evil back in me.

On a lighter note I feel a lot better breathing has improved starting to swim again once a week.

Started an early spring clean in my flat loads to do.Come across my ashtray the other day made me think what do people do with them every time they decide to quit as they are made of glass and plastic many will still be intact in thousands of years in landfills I guess.

For me smoking has been a great evil in my life it has stopped me doing a lot my Mother ( never close ) died at 54 from lung cancer and I heard my Father ( never hnew him ) died of a smoking related problem. All of the adults I knew when I was younger smoked even the teachers at school (yep some were even Nuns).

Anyhow good luck to everyone deciding to quit and thanks for all the support on the board we all have a common goal here.

Gary (smoke free)

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Gary, Welcome to the forum. You will find a lot of good links at the bottom of my post to read and learn about nicotine addiction. Education is the key to quitting smoking and more importantly to staying quit. I'm afraid I know nothing about hypono tapes as I quit CT. Others on the forum have used them though. Keep posting and let us know how you are doing. If you are having a good or bad day, etc. Keep going strong! Jody


Good on you for 21 days on CT..I'm on 22 days quit.

Sounds like we're finding it fairly similar. I feel like I'm getting only one or two craves a day, but when they come, they're pretty strong. They do say it gets better though!


WELL DONE Gary!! 21 days of being smoke free is an amazing achievement it really is.

I'm on day 21 too (I think you replied to one of my, lengthy, posts a few days back). Well 21 days, 10 hours, and 56 minutes to be precise!

Your right - time does seem to slow down. 3 weeks seems like an really does.

Today - well has been OK I guess. Today is the first day I've felt that I've "missed" something. I know what it is but I'm not even going to go there. I've come too far. I feel too good to spoil it now. But it is a nasty nagging thought that seems to be lingering today. Not a physical craving as such more of a longing for something, almost a 'I've come so far' reward yourself type of feeling....

I keep reminding myself of how far I've come and not to be so silly in throwing this all away for a mythical benefit.

WELL DONE Gary, and good on you too Munter_ST --- it really does look like this addiction can be, and is being, beaten cold turkey.

Keep us updated - we're all in this together!!!



EDIT: 21 DAYS 10 HOURS - THATS REALLY 22 DAYS ISNT IT??? (IE. MORE THAN 21 DAYS?!). Time really is being distorted!!! I only noticed when I say your signature Munster_ST - I also quit on the 12th Jan 2010! I think I've been doing myself out of a day! AH WELL, 21, 22 days is going good....


Go for it Gary, give it your best shot.

Congratulations, you deserve something nice, but on this forum the best I can do is


Well done mate.


So between Paul, Gary and myself, we're all quit on the same day! We could be like a wheezy three musketeers - Choughy, Phlegmy and Irritable? :)


Well if you lot are day 22 then I am day 23. It's amazing isn't it. People keep asking me how long I've been off now and I genuinely can't tell them, I guess after week 2 you loose track.

I'm finding it ok now as well, although I have a few danger times during the day that are very much habit (arriving at work, after dinner etc).

I am eating that a horse though. Going to my first weight watchers meeting tonight - whats the point of smelling good, having lovely white teeth and healthier lungs if i'm just going to eat myself to death! Time to gain control!

Keep up the quit!



Hi you guys.

Well done all of you for getting this far with your quitting.

keep going you guys because it will get easier. Your cravings will come and go and will get weaker over the next few weeks.

To Gary, I can't tell you anything about hypo stuff but I'm sure someone on here may tell you something about it.

Keep up the good work and keep reading and posting on this forum as it really helps you with your quitting. You get good advice, support, laughs and friendship on here.:)

Good luck and Best wishes.



Thank you everone for the support and kind words ( I feel famous maybe the three musketeers bit ).

Just remembered my quit nurse was away today, just use the service for staying on track you know CO test blood pressure, and weight ect.

I guess I picked a strange way to stop smoking, I went CT locked myself away for about a week then looked for help and found this forum and joined up with the quit nurse to keep me on course.

Well need to stoke my fire this train has a long way to go yet.

Speak soon



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