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I know everyone says they get a better sense of smell and taste, but I've discovered I really do not like chocolate, which I can't decide whether or not it's a good or bad thing, as I don't drink, I've now given up my favourite thing, all I had left was chocolate, but try as I might, I cannot stand the stuff, why oh why, it's not fair. Anyone elsehad this ot is it just me?

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Hi Valentine

I wish as before I quit I could take it or leave now Gimmme Gimmme choccy and then some but have stopped buying it so I cant eat it first 3 weeks ate at least 10 Pound of it one way and another and put on 7 pound so had to stop and 4th week was my worst week. Chocholate withdrawal, dont laugh I am serious I was devastated LOL

So pass on some of you hatred

You have to find something else to compensate I am into ice cold water now mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Not as Nice but does seem to take the craving away and flushes the system


I can't find anything at all I like, I always drink lots of water, gone off tea, coffee and worst thing is my weekly chinese which I normally look forward to is not the same. The only thing I'm really eating is cheese singles on toast, it's the only thing that tastes the same now as before. But at least I don't smoke, and hopefully won't get too fat from compensating as there's not alot I like BONUS lol, thanks jumangie


Quittings easy staying quit is not

Joking apart taste is a bit off for the first 4 weeks in fact my friend said the first 12 weeks she had the wierdest taste in her mouth and that it made all food taste a bit manky but shes ok now at 10 months quit I have just had double decker son brought me but couldnt have till Id eaten all my Din Dins LOL like being a kid again now Iv eaten it feel ick LOL

Oh the joys of quitting


Hey you guys... my taste buds took a long, long time to recover.... actually, only about 2 months ago did it hit me how my taste buds had come 'alive'... everything seemed to taste incredible all of a sudden. So I think it can take a while.... it's great when it happens!


Thousands of people stop smoking every Day they Die

Hey you congratulations on your nearly year quit how good is that I suppose there are so many good bits and so many bad bits but over time the good get better and the bad get fewer I hope, curry tastes so much hotter than it did befor when I smoked and choccy mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


I suppose there are so many good bits and so many bad bits but over time the good get better and the bad get fewer I hope

Thanks jamangie.... you know, the bad bit don't just get fewer.... they actually disappear! Just takes time.


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