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No Smoking Day
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Dee, Smokefree, Nikki and Dawn - Welcome

Belated welcome for some, just about in time for one and early for the last :p

Yesterday Dee completed 3 months of not smoking.... a hard slog but a terrific farewell to her baccy tin and contents on the Devon moors.

Also Smokefree from Greece completed 3 Months - hope your doing well in Greece and all the best to you

Today, quite but going strong (we hope) is Nikki in Spain........ give us a wave Nikki and let us know all is good.

Tomorrow sees Dawn compete her 3 Month period - recently back from her hols in the sun. All relaxed and ready to cruise through Month 4

Some Octoquitters are quiet and we don't here from you guys often enough but if your still quit and going strong then it's cheers and toasts all round :D

To a great bunch of strong determined folk. *raises glass*

Have a great weekend all :)

New Roll call thread coming up............. let us know how your doing :cool:

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All the best to all of you, you are a great group and loads of fun.



Fantastic well done girls!! However a special thanks to POl who bless her keeps every one of us going.

Just to mention it's 1.30 in the morning and the room is spinning!! Oh dear, it's going to be a long night!


Well done all of you :D


A huge congrats to all you successes from your group as you complete your 3 months hurdle.

Hope to see the quiet ones check in too.

Well done all!



Congratulations girls...

3 months done......

Love xx


:d well done to you girls


Yeah I am here :) I realised this morning talking to friends that I had hit the 3 month mark YIPEE!!!!

I am very proud of myself and all of us that have got this far even though I don't pop in much I couldn't of done it without you all :D


Yaaay well done, just look how many of us are still going now - warms the cockles of me heart it does!

*Raises a glass*




Hi all

Thanks for the messages, yes Im here and going along OK, odd really bad crave like us all but exercise helps.

Well done to all Octos Month 3 done and dusted for us all.

A special thanks to Pol who is always there for us all.

Dee xx;)


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