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Celeb Quitters

Hi. Day 12 for me and feeling good.

Did anyone watch the programme on Ch5 'Celebrity Quitters'? I was hooked on it and it made me realise i was doing the right thing. I hate reality shows but this one showed some horrible stuff which convinced me to plow on and not smoke.

Tuesday is 2 weeks pour moi. I'm treating myself to a cake :D

Good luck quitters.....smoking is smelly, expensive and bad!

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Paul Dunan Sucks

I really didn't want to stop, but I've put more effort in than him and I'm now on day 8, it was a great programme, really helped.

well done and keep it up


Quitting is easy staying quit is harder

Gooselip and Valentine Yea I watched and thought good for reality tv lets hope the rest can keep it up Paul was a drip he really annoyed me he tried to cheat but not cheating any one but his self shall miss that did make me like you realise how right we all are but not compacent no its not easy


i saw a bit of it and yes about time reality TV was useful and worth while....


Nasal spray

The nasal spray that they used is the one I have, I'm not sure it works, but you forget you want a fag because you spend 10 -15 minutes sneezing and blowing your nose, it also gives me a pain in the head. I look like Rudolph, but I don't smoke lol


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