Hungover Hurrah!

Just a quick note to say that i went out last night... drank more than was feasibly sensible... probably much more and then some... oops!!!

The tap dancing rhinos inside my head is testament to that! :rolleyes:

However... a breakthrough has occured... the first night where i didn't ever think about the evil sticks! Sure everyone around me was chuffing like chimneys, but not me. Not a thought... not even a whiff of a thought...

Not resting on my laurels theres still a way to go but by heck....

This is getting easier.

I hope everyone is happy, healthy and fabulous (as always)


2 Replies

  • Hey Zozie

    well done, such a break through... I bet u feel so proud... like you say no resting on laurals....

    I think about smoking very rearly now but when I do I think "no way"

    I was in vets yesterday and someone said Hi Sue how are you, I didn’t recognise her, she had a disfigured face, the lower part had dropped and her face became square. ( an old friend I had not seen in a few years) she had mouth cancer!!!!! I will never ever smoke again not matter how much I feel like one.


    keep strong Zozie, xxxx

  • Hi Zozie :D

    That's a major breakthrough for you but sorry you had tap dancing rhino's in your head

    Also pleased to hear it's getting so much easier for you


    Marg xx

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