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Day 6 and feel great (really!)

Afternoon all

I am now on day 6 of my quit, day 4 without any nicotine substitutes (chewed some gum on day 2).

After day 2 , chewing gum , I didn't feel it helped in anyway so I stayed off it. Besides the Allen Carr method prohibits it anyway.

Yesterday was pretty horrible, with a constant nag in my head just to inhale some smoke. I woke up with a load of gungey rubbish in my throat and a very strong urge to have a fag, which I didn't.

I stayed focused and re-read most of the Easyway book, which is the basis for my quit.

This morning I got woken up (baby) around 7am. My turn to get her up so I got out of bed.

It was about 5 minutes later that I realised I had no feeling or desire to smoke.

Anyway after baby was fed and changed mum took over so I went back to bed for another hours sleep.

Woke up and again had no wish to smoke.

I feel ecstatic :D but the real proof of the feeling will be in the pub tonight...

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Hi Tall Jools :D

Day 6 and feeling fine that's great

Glad it's going so well for you and you have no urge for a fag


Marg xx


Hi Marg

Thanks for your messages of support.

Means alot :)


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