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5 Months Done - and how I got here


State of Play did a brilliant thing posting his 5 month message in the Day 1 room. I’m going to plagiarise that idea – but perhaps post it in some others so newbies, or not so newbies, may be able to get some help and encouragement. I apologise if you get sick of seeing it!!

Well as the title says its 5 months done!! (Well it will be on Sunday but I’ll be out enjoying myself!!)

When I sit and think about it – and I mean really think – I don’t quite believe it. I’ve been watching Celebrity Quitters – and it really has reinforced my quit watching them go through the trials and tribulations of trying to give up. However, my memories of the first week (and more) are not of being so animated as they are – in fact I just went into a deep slump – and slouched around all morose (and I’m not like that at all). I was also scared sh**less! This made me think of my quit 5 months on.

I think my dominant thought for so long was “Will this ever get better”. Well, and I’m probably repeating myself here from my more recent messages – it really really does!

Those times that, to me, have defined my quit are still so powerful to me – both the ups and downs:

• Week 4 - A massive surge in energy and an euphoric feeling (the first time I thought I can do this)

• Week 4 to end Month 4: the Emotions – crying at anything and everything.

• Month 3: the “depression” (certainly not the real thing – but a very difficult time)

• Late Month 3: Notice I’m not thinking about cigs and cravings are not bothering me – indeed they are happening less and less.

• Month 4: my biggest worry was always my concentration. In Month 4 it came back sharper than ever.

• Month 5: Got through Xmas. New Year and a Birthday – smoke free and more importantly not even bothered.

• Today, now: am typing this and find the Emotion coming back (I have a tear!) as I look back on what a journey this has so far been – and its not over yet! But I feel great, I am in pretty much a constant good mood (well give or take – but its normal) . My cravings are negligible – really weak little buggers that sneak up on me about 2 times a day – and are very easily swatted away. I really really do not want to smoke – at all – ever! The Milestone I’m now looking towards is:

• Month 12: THE PENTHOUSE!!!!

Cheers to all who have helped me on here. Hope you have a good weekend and I’ll message from the 6+Months room.

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wow , that really was a hell of a journey for you. Last time i quit i made it to the three month mark and like you found that my cravings were pretty much non-existent.. but still stupidly had a ciggie.

I'm so glad you have posted on here, because at the moment all i think every day is, 'oh please god its gotta get better than this soon'

I know it does, because I have experienced it myself before but it doesn't make it easier going through it again. This is why i have told myself THIS IS MY LAST EVER QUIT no more ciggies .. no more killing myself.

See you in the penthouse in 11 months ;)

Well done you should be very proud.

I have not smoked for 3 Weeks, 4 Days, 21 hours, 31 minutes and 22 seconds (25 days). I have saved £89.96 by not smoking 310 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Day, 1 hour and 50 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 03/01/2010 18:20


Thanks Atomic Guy that's a great inspiration.

Like Princess I just don't want to smoke again. I'm fed up of never ever ever feeling happy as a smoker because deep down I know I'm killing myself. I'm fed up of the slavery, the cost, the smell, the everything...

I've not smoked for 3 Weeks 8 hours, 4 minutes and not I'm sure about how many seconds. I've saved £94.50 by not smoking 315 cigarettes.


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