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5 Months Done!!!!


Well as the title says its 5 months done!! (Well it will be on Sunday but I’ll be out enjoying myself!!)

When I sit and think about it – and I mean really think – I don’t quite believe it. I’ve been watching Celebrity Quitters – and it really has reinforced my quit watching them go through the trials and tribulations of trying to give up. However, my memories of the first week (and more) are not of being so animated as they are – in fact I just went into a deep slump – and slouched around all morose (and I’m not like that at all). I was also scared sh**less! This made me think of my quit 5 months on.

I think my dominant thought for so long was “Will this ever get better”. Well, and I’m probably repeating myself here from my more recent messages – it really really does!

Those times that, to me, have defined my quit are still so powerful to me – both the ups and downs:

• Week 4 - A massive surge in energy and an euphoric feeling (the first time I thought I can do this)

• Week 4 to end Month 4: the Emotions – crying at anything and everything.

• Month 3: the “depression” (certainly not the real thing – but a very difficult time)

• Late Month 3: Notice I’m not thinking about cigs and cravings are not bothering me – indeed they are happening less and less.

• Month 4: my biggest worry was always my concentration. In Month 4 it came back sharper than ever.

• Month 5: Got through Xmas. New Year and a Birthday – smoke free and more importantly not even bothered.

• Today, now: am typing this and find the Emotion coming back (I have a tear!) as I look back on what a journey this has so far been – and its not over yet! But I feel great, I am in pretty much a constant good mood (well give or take – but its normal) . My cravings are negligible – really weak little buggers that sneak up on me about 2 times a day – and are very easily swatted away. I really really do not want to smoke – at all – ever! The Milestone I’m now looking towards is:

Month 12: THE PENTHOUSE!!!!

State of Play did a brilliant thing posting his 5 month message in the Day 1 room. I’m going to plagiarise that idea – but perhaps post it in some other rooms as well so newbies, or not so newbies, may be able to get some help and encouragement. I apologise if you get sick of seeing it!!

Cheers to all who have helped me on here. Hope you have a good weekend and I’ll message from the 6+ Months room.


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Great Post AG

Congratulations on 5 months down...and it is great to know that it feel good.

Now I have noted on my clipboard what you promised us and as Chrsitine says if we dont feel better we will hold you personally responsible and come round with the clip board..:D

Well done


CONGRATULATIONS, Atomicguy! Five months is a great milestone! Keep going strong! Jody

well done Atomic! i think that journey is one that a lot of us can relate to :D

have a great weekend and happy belated birthday.

wow very similar to my experience,only the last week or 2 has my menta lstate started to settle though i still have palpatations and a messed up stomach the worst thing is had were the mood swings and depression,the anxiety was so overwhelming it was quite dangerous at its worst.

i have considered writing about my experiences on the first few days quitters page but thought it maybe best to at least let those that are feeling good about quitting enjoy it while it lasts,i think i would have liked however someone to warn me that the psychological withdrawal symptoms are far worse than the physical,i guess we all have to find this out for ourselves and hope that we are lucky and have only mild pains,my experience was extreme and though ive some way to go yet but i do think for me it was worth it.

heres hoping the worst is behind me and everyone else luck,strength and patience.

Well done Atomic!

I can definitely relate to your quit and it does help enormously knowing that we are not alone on what for me has been and still is the hardest journey of my life. Thanks for sharing your story. Have a good onward journey to the penthouse and all being well I'll see you there.

Well done AG, you are doing great and thank you for posting a "recap" of how your quit has been so far. It's important to know others are going through all these emotions, this roller coaster that is giving up the addiction. Great idea sharing with newbies too because this will give them strength, just like we got strength from reading posts from "oldies".

well done again :D

Hi Atomic :D

That's great 5 months done and dusted for you Congratulations


Marg xx

Big Well Done completing 5 months is great, your post brings back some memories.


Lovely post :).. and what a difference in you now compared to some months back where i think at the same time we both hit a bit of a downsspiral for a bit.. it must have been the season and time of year i'm sure!

but nothing will change the fact that you've now done 5 months.. its 5 months hard labour!!!, but you got through it, and here you are in a new year reflecting just nicely back on your quit. You will not want to go through that again, so you look forward now instead and it really actually won't be that long til you've done half a year, and then even longer.. the penthouse keys are jangling already.

I think your heads in the right place now, and if that ever changes to the point where you need a kick up the pants to get you back on track well you know exactly where to shout.. and you do right to aswell

Well done.. and best of luck for the next months ahead now :)


Huge ongratulations!!!

It was really good to read your timeline, and all of the identifying time frames.... Smokings for losers - your a winner! Yaaayyyy! :)

Hello AG

Well done my love 5 months is blooming marvellous and I am very proud of you. Hope you had a good day Sunday celebrating (it's taken me 48 hours to get over a hang over!!)

Well done you

Well done Atomic, nice to see such an upbeat and honest post.

Cheers guys - thanks for all the great messages and support.

Well - off I go to the 6+ room - Whoo-Hoo!!!

Would have posted earlier but been like Christine and her hangover!

Bye bye from Month 4/5 :)

Thanks for your honest and encouraging post here and in the Day 1 area. It's always good to read those kind of messages anywhere along a quit.

Not sure I should be leaving message in Month 5 seeing as your packed and gone:confused:;) and I'm just talking to myself.......

Catch you in a month and a bit time :cool:

Knew I'd posted to you recently - it was the cross over period!

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