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4 weeks tomorrow ... la la la woop woop!

Hi all,

Not been around much the last week - too much work and not enough play!

Hope you are all coping well and keeping up the nicotine free 2010!

I had my hardest test last weekend and survived ... a weekend of heavy drinking and eating in London with a group of my best (smoking) mates! :D

I was sooo proud of myself and now i'm within spitting distance of 4 weeks! *dancing around the room*

I'm thinking about smoking less and less now - is everyone else at this stage finding it easier? I've even stopped watching my boyfriend smoking with longing puppy eyes! ;)

Hope you are all doing well in your quit! I will keep dipping in and out when I get 5 mins to breathe! (which is easier may I add!!)

Jen x

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Hi Jen,

Well flipping done that woman!!! Thats brilliant!

Doing a drinking weekend AND having a smoker boyfriend. Trebly impressed :D

Hope you have a nice treat planned for tomorrow.




Superb! 4 weeks is your first big achievement 1/12th the way through your first year.. keep notching these months up now.

Well done.



Whow Jen, 4 weeks tomorrow is a tremendous achievement, well done to you hun.:D

I'm on 3 weeks, 3 days I agree with you the longing for one does seem to subside and you don't seem to think about it constantly. Like you I had a very boozy saturday night last week and didn't have one but I did have a craving attack at some point in the night but got through it.

I am the only smoker in the house so I didn't have to deal with the other half smoking which has helped so you are doing fantastic being around your boyfriend smoking.

Here's to you and month 1.



Jen you've done absolutely fantastic, overcome hurdles and come out smelling of roses. Well done you.

Many, many congratulations on week 4 tomorrow.

Lorraine :)


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