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Days 1 to 6 on the patches - feeling like death warmed up

Afternoon all ye happy quitters!

I've been on the 16 hour patches since Monday, and haven't sparked up since Sunday night. Yay me.

But I feel like death warmed up.

First thing in the morning I've had very tame cravings for a smoke for about an hour after applying the patch (usually about 8am), then they've come back say about 8pm, but without the wife and kids needling me about it (thank god they've got the hint) it's not been particularly troubling.

Between 9am and 7pm, until today, I've had not even the slightest interest in sparking one up.

But, the downside is that I've felt physically and mentally shattered, all week.

Normally I wake up a few minutes before the alarm goes off at 7am, almost like clockwork. But since I started on the patches, the alarm hasn't been waking me. Yesterday I only woke up after my daughter started jumping on my stomach shortly before 8am; even being shouted at hadn't woken me. This morning I was startled by the bin men... at nearly 10am.

I've also dozed off several times before 9pm, and even started going to bed before 10:30pm. This is extremely unusual for me; I've been going to bed after midnight since I was a teenager with absolutely no drowsiness caused by getting up between 6am and 7pm... and as for dozing off in the armchair - I've never done that before, EVER.

Today's been a really odd one because the headache has subsided, but it's the only day on my quit so far I've had extreme cravings for a ciggy despite the patch.

I've been climbing the walls since mid-morning.

I had to go to the supermarket at lunchtime, and I couldn't even face walking past the cigarette counter - so instead I took the lift to the basement car park and walked the long way back to the car.

Considering I've been to the village stores three times this week and have stood in front of the baccy rack every time without so much as batting an eyelid, this was really the first test of my resolve.

I'm happy I resisted but seriously, I have felt like utter, utter, UTTER crap since starting my quit.

I have to ask, is this psychosomatic, a side-effect of the patches that's normal and will go away of its own accord, coincidence (maybe I'm just coming down with something), or is it something I should really be worried about?

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Firstly well done on nearly a whole week quit that is fantastic. Can't comment on the patches thing as I did not use them, but as for the sleepy thing oh yeh. I remember early in my quit going to bed before the kids some nights and still wanting to sleep most of the next day as well. It does pass and when you come through it you will find you have more energy than you did before.

As for the strong cravings at the moment they too will pass, it is that demon trying to mess with your head.

Stay strong, you have very nearly done a whole week, a whole week you will never have to do again.

Do some reading to strengthen your resolve, and I am sure someone who used the patches will be along soon to offer advice.

Good luck


Hi Don,

Hello. I am on day 17 on the 16 hour patches and have been really tired too. I have had the cold twice so was putting it down to either that or my body being tired from trying to recover from the smoke and chemicals. I am a total zombie for the first two hours of every day......

I hit a low point around day 8. I didn't want a cigarette as such but was very ratty and low and didn't even want anyone talking about smoking or quitting anywhere near me. Up til then I had found it fairly easy and thought I was really lucky but since then been on a bit of a rollercoaster.

I don't really have any answers for you (I wish I did) but while the patches are helping with the physical cravings, I am still finding it tough too.

Stick with it and I agree with doing some reading. A lot of the sites are against NRT but I found reading through a lot of the posts themselves really helped. Especially if you read ones from people further down the line. I find seeing their positive experiences a real help.

Well done for avoiding the cigarette counter. Don't see that as a negative, I think its a real positive that you made the concious decision to take yourself away from it.

Will stop waffling now but well done on your quit so far :) Keep up the good work. It will be worth it.


p.s. I am also finding the weekends when some cravings creep through. Particularly this weekend. I think its cos we relax more at the weekend and I for one would normally mooch around smoking while relaxing at home when at work I wouldn't have that many during the day.


Hi Don.

Its great to see that someone else is having it as hard as me (dont all all mean to sound hurtfull).

Im now on day 8 and your thread sounds like it could have been written by me, I actually took a week off work to help me through the first stages and yesterday was the first time i got dressed. I was really tired all week and any chance I got put my head down. I also had bad cravings even though I am on the patches.

Yesterday was day 7 for me and I felt slightly better, even had a few glasses of wine with my hubby last night without a ciggie !!

Today is even better again, Im not saying im in top form but Im getting there U WILL TOO.

Keep strong

Take care

Cath x


Hey babe I didn't use patches so I cant say BUT

1 whole week tomorrow....thats you done counting in days and started in weeks now...what a milestone is that???

Huge will never have to do that first week again.

Keep strong love



hey im on my day 7 tomorow, in using the 24hr patch, not getting to many bad cravings, but i totally get you with the sleeping, I were sleep mon and tues evening by 8pm and like you im more a night owl 2 am sleeper

that did bother me, and have felt a bit zombiefied aswell

I would say yesterday day 5 was the wrost, not bad feeling/craving just the mood on me, i were a total bitch to everyone lol feeling calmer today

I think if this is what we are having to deal with to get rid of the fags forever its so worth sticking with it

cant beleive its my day 7, a week down, never thought that would happen, my mind habd already gone to the way of not smoking mode, I dont any longer associate meal time with smokin, dont think ohh have a nice fag after me tea/morning etc so im slowly but surly getting there, I say just hang in there we will all get there in the end, and it dont matter how we get there just matters that we do

good luck everyone :)

kate x


Sunday was even worse; I didn't even wake up till 2PM and had a headache all day - I didn't bother with a patch.

I had to get up this morning to take the kids to school, but have phoned in sick - head is pounding, feels like my cheeks are all puffed out, and I can feel myself nodding off. Still, if I do spend the day zonked out in bed I don't need a patch either.

Thanks for the support, everyone.


Hi Don :)

I'm sory I've only just found this

I'm sorry also that you feel so riugh just now but well done on the week smoke free

I din't use patches this time but many years ago I tried them ans felt much as you do now

Please go back to your Dr /Nurse and tell them how you feel especially as your face feels swollen

Could be that like me you're allergic to them if that's the case they can give you something else to help OK


Marg xx



I finally got back to work today - after two days cold turkey the symptoms faded.

So it was the patches.


I am glad the symptoms have faded.


Hi Don,

Really pleased you have stopped the patches if thats what was making you feel so bad.

How are you finding it going cold turkey? Hope you are doing ok.

Well done on getting to day 10!!!!



HI donsttadt

Sounds like you really suffered on this one glad you saw it through.

Its good you have a young daughter and understanding OH.

I went through the sleepy thing as well for me it is like a self imposed trance or semi coma guess its a way the body protects its self.

Strange thing about sleep is that you don't need a cig every 20 minutes for about 8 hours same for other drugs maybe sleep is the best addiction untill things are sorted out in the brain.

Hope all goes well will check back soon stay with it.



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