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Feeling soooooooo much better today

Firstly thanks for all your posts yesterday, they really helped me through a really tough day.....

I must say I am feeling so so much better today, anxciety gone and not feeling as low as I did yesterday. Yesterday was by far the worst day of my quit but here I am again back on track and now on day 18 looking forward to my next mile stone of 3 weeks on Sunday. I' even thinking of doing the sports relief mile with my daughter, not ran since leaving school all those many years ago.

Hope you are all doing well today and staying strong....


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The road to freedom is paved with ash lol

Hi Shaz

glad you are feeling better and think if that faze lasted couple days you probably find thats as bad as it gets

I think every one has a blip patch that makes you feel so bad that the next rough patch is not as bad as you thought it could be if that makes sence LOL

So keep on being positive and hugs all round

Here my poem for your mantra

I’m really glad that you’ve quit

Cause in the past you’ve smoked some sh**

Smelly Hair Hands and Breath

Shorter Life but longer Death

Up the hills you’ve got no puff

Smokers cough that makes you rough

So pass each day without the weed

Cause only then will you succeed

So Bravo to all that now don’t smoke

Cause early Death is sure no Joke


Great to hear things are much better Shazie, 3 weeks will come around before you know it.


good on ya Shaz - was rooting for ya! :)


Well done Shaz, sounds like you dealt with that monster really well, and stayed strong, that process will make you stronger going forward.

Onwards and upwards, have a good day.


Hey Shazie

I'm glad your're feeling better matey. That running thing would be good for you - give you something to focus on and would be an achievement for you?

Keep strong

Tinks xx


Manchester Run

Hey thats great my friend, I was gonna ask u if you wanted to do the "Great Manchester Run" maybe thats pushing it, will wait to see how the mile goes first... Keep Strong, youir doing brilliant......

P.S The run is 10 kilometres Kaz xx :p


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