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12 months for Jody49....duh, that'll be the year then - Woohoo

Jody49 :)

Well done for coming of age on this date and turning around a 35 year addiction.

You've been one of the quiet ones but nonetheless diligently supporting others so admirably. Had a wee look at some of your threads and it seems you are also winning the good fight to look sleeker than ever. What a star :D


*Sorry, I'm at work and can't access pics...but I'm sure others will ;)

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Congratulations welcome to the penthouse!


Hurrah! A HUGE Well done to you! Hurry up and come and take your bow xxxx


Massive congratulations.

I hope you are very proud of your achievement and welcome to the Penthouse.


Wow, a whole year :D

A day to smile and be proud of what you've achieved

Congratulations to you and wishing you well with continued smokefreedom

Pol x


Hi Jody :D


Welcome to the penthouse


Marg xx


1 year of freedom from the addiction , and no doubt a very solid quit you have there now.. awesome job on bringing it all this far, and an inspiration to many that are in the early months of their quits. proof yet again that this addiction to nicotine CAN be beaten.

Well done Jody!


Jody, CONGRATULATIONS! It's been great quitting alongside you! You've earned your entrance into the Penthouse!! WELL DONE :)


Daren't give you a bigger cake Jody. Cav will be after me. Well done on your full year, you deserve a nicer one though. David


I want to thank everyone for sharing this important day with me! 1 year ago I started on this journey and I'm really glad that I found this forum and didn't have to travel alone. After 35 years, I am totally free from nicotine. I don't want or think about cigarettes at all, but I'm still aware of any pit falls. Does that make sense? To all you still struggling, keep going strong! It gets better and better!

Cavalier, Thank you for starting this post and for your kind words of encouragement and congratulations over this year!

Nick, Thank you for your welcome to the penthouse! I'm really glad to be here!

Fiona, Thank you. I'll be seeing you here in less than a month! I'll keep a place for you in the hot tub!

Stuart, Than you so much and yes I am proud of my freedom from nicotine!

Pol, Than you. I've had a huge smile on my face! My 14 year old granddaughter remembered that today was my 1 year quit day and congratulated me this morning! How cool is that!

Marg, Thank you so much! You have always been here to congratulated and help everyone. Come have a glass of champagne with me. I can't possible drink all of it by myself!

Jase, Thank you for your kind words! You help many on this forum. Keep going strong!

Bella, My US friend. Thank you! See you in the less than a month!

David, A cake!!!!! I love cake and it does show! But for today ---- let me at it!!!

Again, thank you all.


Congrats Jody

Really pleased to see you in here. I'll be there one day - 31st of May to be exact, can't ruddy wait.



Jody, that was really lovely of your Granddaughter to help mark the occasion by remembering and giving her congratulations :)


Hmmm, Davofgy insisted I had to share this cake with you, Jody :(

Enjoy it with the Champers :)

Increase that grand-daughters allowance...she done a good thing :cool:

Reply Hi Jody:D....massive congrats to ya some flowers thought ya had enough grog and cake;)


Massive Congratulations Jude, hope you had a very special day. Your grandaughter is right, a well deserved well done.




MAH, We'll all be waiting for you in May.

Pol, Yes, she's a really special girl. Straight A's, on the Scholastic Team, in the Band, the choir, starting line for Volleyball Team, and a Cheerleader. We're really proud of her!

Cav, The cake is so pretty! A work of art! I would hate to cut it, but as it is my weakness, just a tiny piece if you please. Thank you for sharing! Oh, it won't hurt my diet too much as I just finished my hour on the treadmill. Only 20 more minutes to go and I'm through for the day!

Ellie, Lovely flowers. Thank you.

Chrissie V, Thank you. I've been following some of your posts. You've had some hard times. Glad your still with us. You'll be in the penthouse in no time. Keep going strong.

Jackie, Thank you. My day has been very nice, thanks to my family here at home and all you lovely people on the forum.



Great to see you reaching the penthouse Jody. All the best for carrying your quit forward for years to come.

(P.S. - Do keep it nice and tidy now, won't you, there's quite a few of us coming along in the next few weeks!)




Deke, I will try to keep everything in tip top shape for you. Actually not a hard job as Marg is here and has everything well in hand.

Nogard, Thank you for the message. I've been thinking of myself as an x-smoker for quite a while now, but a full year is so exciting. Will see you in the penthouse soon.



Hi Jody

Almost missed this sooooooooooooo sorry mate 35 years smoking for me also. But we are free now hun. BIG CONGRATS Jody It makes you feel great when the garand kids are proud of us dont it babes, Welcome to the penthouse Jody pull up a chair.xxxxxx


Lindaspicer, Thank you. I believe I will take a seat as did too much celebrating yesterday and now am tired! Jody


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