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New Day 11 and its a bit flat!

Hi all

The weekend is over and I an on a day 11 on a Monday, it feels very flat and as if the novelty has worn off of giving up. I know I have to keep going but I think I am feeling a little depressed - I have to keep an eye on that!

I seem to be getting cravings for 'Something' and I am not sure what! I have drunk 3 cups of coffee in an hour! I shall be high as a kite on coffee.

I feel so down!, I am going to try motivate myself! I must get things done round the house, being off sick is really a minus point! I am kicking my heels doing nothing with time on my hands!.

OK I am going to look for something positive..

Well, I have noticed that walking any long distance is easier, I drank a coke at the weekend and I could taste the slice of lemon in it! - My progress summary says that I have saved £56.00, I haven't been out much lately but when I do I am looking forward to not having to stand out in the cold and wet to smoke! because I am a non smoker and I can stay inside in the warm!

Hope everyone else is bearing up anyone else on day 11?

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Day 11, that is absolutely great you should be proud. However the whole quit thing is an emotional minefield and we all have good and bad days.

I tend to go down the coffee route (or wine!) when I'm having a crave, can I recommend lollies.

Well done


Lollies! now not thought of that one, good idea thanks.

Wine could be a problem for me too! I have noticed that as soon as the evening comes I am looking at the clock thinking... Hmmm wine time!


I'm right behind you, on day 10.

Don't give in now!! You have come so far already it would be criminal to throw in the towel.

It does indeed seem to be a motivational thing - did you post on here earlier in your quit? If you did, perhaps you should go back and read those posts again. Have a read of the threads of those just starting out on days 1 to 3, especially the one titled "confessions of an addict" in the day 1 area. Perhaps that will remind you of how much you've already put into your quit and how much you have achieved already.

Keep the momentum going!!


Don't get bored of it now, you are doing so well. I've stayed off the caffeine cos I can actually feel the effects it has on me (heart goes faster etc.). Green tea and other herb teas for me, probably a psychological thing, but whatever works eh.

How about putting on some music, ramp the volume up high and have a good sing and dance while getting on with some of the boring house stuff, bit embarrassing when someone comes home :o but they'll get used to it.

We're right behind you pushing you along. Stick with it :)


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