No Smoking Day
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4 months, 23 days

I am feeling fan-****ingtastic!!!! I only OCCASIONALLY get an urge. Its one of those "ah I Remember when it was like to smoke one" and then I continue to think about what it would be like to smoke one--- thankfully I haven't yet!!--NOR DO I PLAN TO!!!

I can say this, I never used to drink alcohol and since I've quit smoking I've developed a taste for it. I'm not an alchy but I do enjoy getting a little buzz in order to help take the edge off of life.

I never thought I'd make it through those horrible urges, the physical urge to smoke.

All I can say to new comers is just don't give up, ever. Keep pushing yourself, when you get to 2 days say to yourself "I've already done 48 hours, no sense in pissing away that time in agony, might as well push it further". Keep pushing it till the urge is gone, it does go away I promise!

Though the urges go away you will always have a warm place in your heart for cigarettes--- that is--- only when you're not around them.

When I smell cigarettes--- UGGGGHHH NASTY I hate the smell of cigarettes, cigars and all that crap. When a truck drives by with the smog I choke and cough. All smoke smells so shitty to me now. Although I still breathe lots of marijuana smoke.

I quit cold turkey from 20+ cigarettes a day. I used to smoke at my computer, after every meal, while smoking weed, drinking, driving, sitting around, I smoked with everything-- and it was a pivitol part of everything I did.-- beleive it or not I practically had to re-learn how to do everything.

Sometimes when I See people dodging out of work for a cigarette I get a bit jealous and think 'ow maybe i should run out and smoke one with them just for the F of it'-- then I remember what its like to feel crap in my lungs working its way up or cough up a nasty black ball of shlt.

All I can stress is that if you smoke, you quit---asap. No sense in pissing away awesome years of life to breathe smoke!!!

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Well done you are so close to 5 months now, brilliant.



4 Months is just fantastic, nice to hear that you are so upbeat. Well done xx


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