No Smoking Day
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How's everyone doing?

Day 5 has been OK. Been mostly pre-occupied with the snow play after the couple of inches dropped last night. Missing smoking a bit tonight, nothing major, just a sort of miss it feeling, I can't actually put my finger on what it is I miss? Just the habit I think, which is ok, cos habits can be changed. I don't feel irritable, sad, or anything physical, i'm sleeping great, eating great (perhaps a bit too great :o), I just feel as though something is missing, or that i'm missing something.

All in all though, not a bad day 5. Heading for that first week so roll on the weekend.

Hope you're all doing OK, keep smiling :)

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Glad to hear you are doing well. Roll on week 1. Know that 'missing' feeling'.


Hi Lozza :D

Well done day 5 done so almost a full week for you smoke free

Missing smoking is normal just now but it will happen less and less as you go along the road to freedom

After all it was a large part of your life and you no doubt had your smoking rituals ie a fag after meals etc etc


Marg xx


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