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Im giving quitting another serious attempt!

Hey everyone,

I've decided to pack in the habit once more and for good this time hopefully. Been reading through the forum and its nice to see some familiar names still going strong so a big congratulations to all you guys!

I had a little iceskate to the shop yesterday in preparation for today and have stocked up on some supplies, herbal tea's, night nurse...and a book! Does anyone know if its harmful to take night nurse every night? When the guy asked me if I knew how to use it I laughed and said yes, the 'how to use night nurse' bit completely threw me and I forgot to ask whether its ok to take on a regular basis!

Last Cigarette: Monday 11th January 2010 - 9:30pm. Won't be counting down the hours, just changing the lifestyle!


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Hi Alex :D

Well back and well done restarting your quit

Remember to read as much as you can the links in my signature will help loads


Marg xx


Welcome back and well done getting stopped again. Like Marg says read, read and then read some more. Don't know about the Night Nurse, why are you taking it, maybe call a Chemist they will know?



Well Done for another attempt!!!

Come on here when you feel cravy.... its what has got me further than previous quits..... think like i do that this is your last quit and you are now a non smoker.....

whoop whoop... good luck!!!! xx


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