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Job Interview

I have a job interview/assessment this week and it is a big one!

Normally I would be smoking like a chimney while pacing the floor, putting together a big presentation for the 4 hour interview!

Instead I feel unable to concentrate, I am missing the cigarette as it was always my first move when I needed ideas or to think of a way of round a difficult problem.

Ho hum, thinking of going to the doctor as well as I have bad anxiety and have had for 3 or 4 weeks now.

Any ideas how I can concentrate? It would be a great achievement to get this job.

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HI State of Play some deep breathing and concentrate on what you know and what you do best.

Dont be afraid to believe in yourself and talk up your positive sides...just think of the strength of character you are showing being able to turn your back on one of the greatest addictions known!!!!!

These things are always worse before the fact and usually enjoyable once you get in there.

GOOD LUCK...I am sure you will be amazing..xx


U Can Do It .....

Give it your best shot, u are beating the biggest challenge of your life giving up the horrible demons, so an interview will be a walk in the park for you. Good Luck Kaz :p


I've found that i like to listen to chillout music when i want to really concentrate now.

If anything i find not smoking helps my concentration more these days as i'm no longer craving a cigarette then immediately wanting another soon after.

I don't think they helped you concentrate, they just made you think they did.


Okay a question, are you any worse at what you do because you are not smoking?

I could be wrong and you can tell me to pee off if you like but itcould be phycological.

Your brain telling you you can't do it without smoking or could it be this little big demon/devil taking the chance to dive in there and get you to give him/her what they want.

There's also the fact that we are always looking for a reason to smoke again, but it's not a reason it's an excuse.

I believe what you are trying to do you can do better without smoking. I also believe as a non smoker you will probably have more chance in succeeding in getting the job. Would you believe that alot of employers prefer non smokers because they don't waste time going away for a fag.

If you want to think about it maybe go for a walk stand outside and just look at the stars. One piece of advice I can give you is the same advice I give my pupils just before they take their driving test; don't try too hard, do what you would normally do and just let it flow.

I wish you good luck I've waffled long enough.



heres a few things id do if i was you


stay calm

get some fresh air and a drink (water, nowt fizzy or alcholic)

take it easy

if you crav a cig eat and take ur mind off it

hope this helpes mate and good luck to ya



Good luck for the interview.

I always used to think ciggies helped me concentrate but all they did was create an excuse for me to sit down and think things through.

My preparation for a period of concentration was lots of coffee and cigarettes, pencil and paper. Now the pencil is well chewed and several sheets of paper end up in tiny squares. So buy lots of them.

I now realise that they did in no way help concentration, in fact they would hinder it cos I was forever lighting up , letting in burn out in the ashtray, realising I let the last one burn down so I would light another and decide to stop working for a bit to 'smoke it tidy', then get distracted in the house with other things lol

Stick at it, you will win in the end


Looking promising! Invited for lunch with the board of directors so really glad I don't smoke! He he.


Looking promising! Invited for lunch with the board of directors so really glad I don't smoke! He he.

Good for you. Fingers crossed for you...


Keeping my fingers crossed for you

Hope you get it


Ooh thats promising - good luck


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