No Smoking Day
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Got to do it this time!

Day one is ok. Feeling quite calm, want to smoke but more out of habit of going outside in the garden than craving I think. The thought of never having a cigarette again does feel strange, almost unbelievable. But i'm not thinking too many days ahead in case it feels too panicky.

Early days though. Kept myself busy, had a shower so I smell nice and have washed the jacket I would wear to pop outside for a smoke. This evening might be tougher when hubby goes out for one (he doesn't smoke in the day).

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Welcome back and well done to you. Don't worry about never smoking again you only need to not smoke today, every day, no mountain to climb there. Read some of the info on addiction in our signatures and post often, you can do it.



Day one almost over. If it feels tricky tonight, why not go have a nice hot bath, or tucked up in bed early with a good book?

One day at a time as Jackie has said and we will all get to the Penthouse.


Hi Lozza

I took my quite slightly differently I think. I didn't plan it therefore didn't get the frights (my god I did before when I tried to plan). Also I managed to get in to a frame of mind that I'd already quit, therefore there was nothing to think about (if that makes any sense).

I wouldn't say I've had no "temptations", but it has been a want instead of a must have. I guess its like getting home and realising the shop has short changed you a tenner; really nothing you can do about it so have to move on. Except here you'd probably have gained money!

I know I make it sound simplistic but I managed to drill it into myself that way- possibly something that may work for you.

Either way keep it up!


Thanks guys, am enjoying chilling out with one of my daughters. Does feel weird being inside all night, by now I would have popped out a couple of times. Forgot to feed the cats because I hadn't been out! Hubby popped out for one and I am always so shocked at how strong the smell is.

You're right Stav, I have over-thinked it a bit, but now i've thought it, it can't be unthought!


Hour By Hour

U can do this, If it feels to much one day at a time, take it 1 hour at a time. U will defro do this, cos your positive.... Kaz ;)


well done keep at it . 1 day at a time....


You want to pop out for a fag? It's bad enough here in Essex but I thought you guys in Wales were under 6 foot of the white stuff. And I won't here any talk of "Soft Southerners" ... that would be regionalist :p

Seriously, I know what you mean, but Jackie's right, just one day or hour at a time.


Lozza just simply as I said one day at a time. If you are going to think ahaed then think how wonderful it will be in the future to taste you food smell the air, the flowers in the springtime and even the snow in the winter.

That's already happened to me after only 5 weeks.

Keep going,

Jack x:)


Try and Try again!!! From Emma

It has been 25 days since I stopped smoking. The first thing to do after you’ve made up your mind to stop smoking is talk to someone. Either talk to those around you or call the NHS Smoking Helpline on 0800 1690169 for some advice. Remember you’re not alone. You may be frightened or concerned about how stopping smoking will affect you and that’s why you need to talk to someone.

Get prepared to stop, choose a date and bin all your cigarettes. Think positive and think about the reasons you want to stop. Was it the smell of smoke? Was it the harm it was causing your body? Was it the financial benefits of going smoke free?

There are many different ways of going smoke free, and success is often a case of trying a different way, or finding the combination of methods that works best for you. Speak to your doctor or the NHS smoking helpline to find out about nicotine replacement products. My doctor said you’re four times more likely to succeed rather than using willpower alone. There are several different types from nicotine gum to nicotine patches to help beat those cravings during the first few weeks. Visit for more information and advice.

The challenge is huge but the key thing is to keep going. I stopped on my third attempt so try and try again. The immediate benefits of going smoke free will motivate you. Within 24 hours you’ll start to feel your lungs get clearer, and after 48 hours your sense of smell and taste will improve. Look forward to these, and look forward to the physical, mental and financial benefits that are yet to come. You’ll be pleased you stopped and you’ll feel wonderful.

Good Luck


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