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Day 6 and feeling very emotional


Hi all,

Thank god no weird dreams last night of smoking I probably thought about it so much yesterday that my brain couldn't take any more thoughts of ciggies......

Today I'm feeling quite emotional, is this normal??????. Apart from that I am really pleased that I didn't give in yesterday and have made it to day 6, by 4pm today I will moving into day 7 which is ONE WHOLE WEEK so that is seriously motivating me.

I need to keep busy today to keep my mind off ciggies and keep the nicodemon locked up in his cage!!!!.:D

Good luck everyone for today.

Sharon x

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Hi Sharon :D

Great almost a week now keep it going

Being emotional is normal for most of us it will pass it just takes a bit of time


Marg xx


Hi Sharon, Yeah u can be emotional as a smoker or a non smoker, but yeah quite natural... All these feelings don't last long promise u, but u certaintly don't want to go through them again on DAY 1.......

Keep strong mate and yeah Day 7 at 4pm sounds brill, Into WEEK 2......

U are doing fantastic, and am very proud of you... Kaz xx :p

I felt very emotional too and cried quite a bit?!?! but I think its completely normal as we are changing our lives forever and that is a huge change!

Keep it up your doing great and everyone who I've spoken to has said that things do get easier xx we will get there in the end :D

It's all part of the healing process but it will get better, there are some posts in "Other symptoms of stopping" section which you might find helpful. Try to distract yourself and relax a little make it less hard work. I promise it does get easier, I wouldn't be where I am if it didn't.

Best wishes.


Strange experience about 3pm

:)Thanks again everyone for your positive comments.

Had a bit of a strange experience before not too sure if anyone else has had this????? but I didn't have a patch on for 15 hours from taking one off last night about midnight and not putting one back on again at 3pm this afternoon.( ran out and didn't have one to put on, this is the reason for not having one on for so long). When I eventually put one on (21mg) I felt very sick and light headed however it has subsided now thank god, very stange feeling like one you used to smoke a ciggie very fast.

Spoke to my friend Karenutd and she spoke to me about this as was thinking of taking it off but she said persevere which I have done and no feeling on top of the world. Thanks Kaz ur a real rock.:)

Just wanted to share this with you all and felt I needed to.

Sharon xx

i have felt very emotional too, but in a weird way that i cant explain!! :confused:

the light headed-ness sounds to me like a general nicotine rush: i used to get them if i went longer than usual without a ciggie, then had one.


No need to think about ciggies any more as you've already stopped (if that makes sense). I know it sounds simple but I managed to get my head in to that view from day 1, it seems to have helped no end.

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