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Decision made, Day 1 tomorrow

Been there before, fell off the straight and narrow 4 months later. Time to get there again. I've re-read the knowledge, Joels quit etc. and downloaded the easyway audio book.

Hubby says leave it till Monday (he smokes), kids say do it tomorrow cos it's sooner, so i'm going with the kids!

I'm sh*t scared, but I will always be, so why wait. Hope to be able to gain strength from your experiences and knowledge to help me through.

Well done to everyone who has stopped smoking, will be joining you soon with a determination not to get complacent along the way, which was my downfall before.

If a team is put together for January, I shall be thrilled to be part of it.

Looking forward to a healthier, nicer smelling future. See you in Day 1.

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Well Done Lozza for making the decission to quit tomorrow you have made the first most important step to a smoke free life, it's not an easy one especially if like me you did enjoy it.

I'm sure you will get an awful lots from this forum, I'm only on day 6 and have found I am completely hooked on this website and get alot of inspiration and encouragement from the guys on here from either those just starting out like me or those in the penthouse 1+ years on.

Wishing you much luck and hope to see lots more posts from you however good or bad.

Sharon x :)


Hi Lozza, welcome aboard (again), good to have you. So you know the drill read, read, read, and post, post, post. I understand there is a team for January, last time I looked they were trying to find a suitable name.

We will all help as much as we can, but i would also recommend you go to the reasons thread and post your own reason to refer back to in moments of weakness. Your kids sound like a big part of your reasons, mine too, H is 10 L is 6 and P is 4, all girls. Stay strong and post often to let us know how you are getting on.


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