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It's been a long time

Been almost a year since I discovered this site. Sadly my quit failed about three months in and guess what, I've decided to go for it again. Still got the reading material and websites marked from last time. Haven't set a date yet, but am thinking of next Wednesday, not sure why so that may change. What cannot change though is my decision to stop smoking, I really have had enough now.

It's good to see so many of you still going strong, and so many just starting out. Looking forward to speaking with you and sharing experiences.


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Hi Lozza,

Good move to try again...why not make it tomorrow?:p


Good move, I didn't plan it I just did it. See how long you can go with out one, I went six hours then another six hours then 24 hours which has now extended to 36 days.

Who knows? Jack:)


Kinda how I did it, thought about it but was far from being a plan. Just kinda happy and I'm as chuffed as a chuffed persons chuffed bits!


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