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No Smoking Day
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Hello all

Hi all,

Well I've made it to day 6!!! Cravings aren't to bad today but that might have something to do with the fact that I've caught a horrible cold!! Think it might have been because I've given up the fags?

Anyway I'm really please with myself as I never imagined getting this far. I know at some point soon I'll have to put myself in a position where I'm tested, pub for example but I hope I have got it under control enough now x

Just thought I'd keep you updated

Love to all and good luck xxx

Claire xxx :D

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Day 6 fantastic, I don't think any of us thought we would get past day 1 but with will power we do!!

Well done sweetheart, keep it up my love.


Well done Claire! Sorry about the cold though, grab a Fisherman's Friend...that'll help.

...I'd like to make it clear that I didn't give Claire the cold. The way I say "sorry" above doesn't give that impression.



Hmm........... Stav may have to look into this cold business but anyway

Claire absolutely fantastic day 6 well done!! you deserve a big hug I don't remember day 6 already and I'm only 5 weeks. Keep it up and before you know it you'll be at 6 weeks.

Jack x :cool:


Well done on 6 days quit you are doing good and when you are tested im sure you will pass the challenge:D


Hi Chick

Well done for day 6-I too have the cold (which annoys me as I don't tend to get ill) but I'm just pretending it's all the cr*p coming out of my system. I'm going to attempt the pub thing tonight. It's brass monkeys out there so I think that will be my motivation for staying inside in the warm. I guess the thing is not to get so drunk that we let our will power slip. (I seem to be very good at justifying anything when I've had one too many!!)

You're doing grand, girl!!



Hi Claire

That's great keep going the cold isnormal seems nearly all of us get one just after quitting

But you're doing really well


Marg xx


Well Done Claire to making it to day 6. I'm on day 5 today and I have had the most terrible of mornings, I just hope and pray that I get to day 6 as thiss morning after dreaming of smoking and not having a patch on I could have quite easily have gone and bought 10, put then I think of how disappointed I would feel having to go back to day 1 again plus I have my patch on now so they do work.

This forum is fab for helping you see the light.

Hope you feel better.



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