Any books to suggest me?

Hi everyone! I have passed the 2 months obstacle and I'm running towards 3 months now :cool:

It becomes easier and easier day by day! Some days ago I was in a company where everybody else was smoking... and I didn't even wanted to take one puff! Well done on me! :D

As I write in my signature, I have read Allen Carr's (Easyway) and Joel Spitzel's (Don't take another puff) books. Also I have read a greek book that has not been translated into english.

Do you have any other books to suggest me? If you have found any urls or torrents to download them, send me as PM's.

I've made it a habit to read some pages of these books every night, trying to make some positive brainwashing :p

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  • Christopher Holmes: Nictoine - The drug that never was

    Can get from amazon. Very interesting read.

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