No Smoking Day
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im new! :)

hiya all im, Amy and havent been a member of a forum since the gareth gates one :eek: *embarrassed* !!!!! lol. i was about 15 at the time though so i hope you call all forgive me!!

this is my 4th day without a ciggie :D in fact i hadnt made any sort of decision to quit but on new years morning i was too hungover to go out for one...and by the time i did, i just thought - naaah why bother! i only smoked for about 4 years, on average 10-15 a day but at worst it was nearer 40. still im finding it very difficult quitting cold turkey :(

looking forward to reading thru some of these posts as a way to spur myself on!! xxxxx

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Welcome AP!

Keep it up...sounds like you're doing great.


thanks!! :) you too! ....just feeling quite spaced out at the moment and struggled to sleep last night (finally dropped off at 4 then woke every hour til i got up) but im worried because its first day back in work tomorrow after xmas break so i need a good nights sleep!



My first couple were fine but the last few have been pants. Had my first day back today and found it sooo easy. Concentrating on my work seemed so much easier, the day flew by without even too many thoughts. Even took time out for a nice walk up the Thames after lunch as I'd not popped out for smoke breaks throughout the morning.

I do feel a little hypo at the moment though!


PS ... Gareth Gates? *chuckles*


hey i loved gareth gates! lol.

yeah i think being in work will distract me from the i work in a primary school, so only ever had chance to go out for one during work hours anyway. which i tried my hardest not to, just because i felt funny going back in to the kids stinking of fag smoke!!


well if you do get a craving and you decide to throw in the towel, you can always sponge a smoke off one of the kids!

...or is that just where I live?


LOL. i wouldnt like to say!!


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