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5 months tomorrrow


Hi all,

Sorry I havent been able to check in for a while, just to let you know I got past xmas no probs, and it will be 5 months tomorrow.

I did fancy one new years eve when drinking a few beers, but as usual the moment passed and I havent thought about cigs for about 4 weeks prior to that.

In fact, they hardly enter my thoughts at all.

I brought the wife some fags the other day too, and I was gutted to part with £5.50 ish and couldent believe how much money i've chucked away over the years.

Also, i've got back into my health & fitness these past few months, breathing has been fantastic, feel better, feel bright and alert, generally get more done as im not having a fag before I do anything.

Also, I have lost my morning spluttering coughing up flem session, which I hadnt really noticed until over xmas watching my mother in law coughing her guts up in the morning as she reached for her fag box.

So, all in all, nothing but positives, and i'll repeat to all the new quitters, from someone who loved their fags and that special fag break/treat, IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!


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Hey Paul

5 months tomorrow, that is fabulous. Good to know it does get easier as at 3 the little buggers still like to mess with my head a bit.

keep strong


Hi Paul :D

5 months smoke free well done you

It's good to hear from you again


Marg xx

ahhh paul, congrats on your 5 month milestone for tomorrow fella!!!

Feels like a hell of a journey to have come through , but glad your quit is much more settled these days.

Its quite ok to have pangs for a smoke, so long as you don't indulge which is precisely how you've coped :).. nice one :)

I had to buy cigs for someone over christmas too, i was on my way to the shops anyway for milk n bread and a relative was here with us, so they asked if i could get them some.. i of course did.. and it felt really really wierd buying them at all, felt quite alien for me to even be asking for them, i felt like i was a 14 year old asking for them hehe

heres to tomorrow though paul!!! 5 months is something to be proud of :)


Yes Paul you sure are "doing it", well done getting through 5 months, brilliant.


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