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Welcome Dawn to Month 3

Hi Dawn

It's great to see you have completed 2 months of not smoking and now you enter Month 3 :D The log fires roaring and the chairs are comfy so take a seat and relax *hands Dawn a lovely hot toddie* (makes a change from wine and it is cold)

I hope things settle down for you now that Christmas and New Year are almost at an end and being smokefree without patches is going OK.

Pol xx

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Many thanks Pol, :D. Having a hot toddie and a little snooze before work. will switch the electric blankets on ready for when you all get in. xx Have a great new yearx


Well done Dawn on reaching month 3....haven't we done well!

Enjoy your hot toddie and snooze and don't work too hard :D


Welcome Dawn and huge congratulations on 2 months down.

Please can I join you in a hot toddy....I have such a bad cold its purely medicinal!! ;)

big hug xx


well done Dawn :D


Welcome Dawn, pull up a chair I have some spiced red wine pears left and some cheese and biscuits, so come in and help yourself.

Dee xxx


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