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Happy New Year!!!


What a year for 2009!!!

When i started it, i didn't think i would be a non smoker by the end of it... sure i would have liked to have been, but i never thought i'd actually get there!!! :D

I had a post in reply to something i wrote a while back, which said that after today, i can say that i have been quit from last year... that is impressing me a lot today! (sorry i cant give credit to that fab encouraging person as i cant remember but big hugs xx)

2010 will continue in the same vein as 2009, my new years resolution happily is not to quit smoking, but to keep firm to my resolve of keeping evil uncle nick from my door and banishing him for good. My resolve in the absence of the usual one is more exercise, to make use of my new healthy lungs and shape up after too much pie time!

I wish all of you all you could wish for, but most of all i wish you strength and solidarity in your ongoing quits. Each and every one of you is a winner, count your days/weeks/months/cash saved in this year... and pat yourself on the back! Its truely fabulous!

Enough of me waxing lyrical! Happy a blummin night and a wonderful 2010!!!!!

Love ZozieBelle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Hi Zozie :D

Happy New Year and well done you're doing great

Very soon now you'll be able to say it I stopped last year

I think it was Jackie that first said tio many on here


Marg xx


Well done Zozie, keep going you are doing great.

Wishing you and your group a very Happy New Year, may it all be smoke-free.

Jackie x



Thanks for your support and guidance throughout the last (almost) 2 months...!!!

Thanks for letting me know it was Jackie's saying Marg... and Jackie... thats been keeping me going through little patches of moo cowness. :D

Well done both of you too on your happy quitness! Cant wait to have been off them as long as both of you! xx


well said zozie

we are all ahead of those who are giving up as a new year resolution we have done it wooooooooooooo arnt we all clever bunnies...... it has been so nice not having to think about """have I enough cigs till tomora"""" yes keep the evil nic banished forever..

could not have done it with out u all

sue xx


Happy (No Smo) New year to all.....


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