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day 5

another day forward in my new nicotene free fantastic life,went to the pharmacists yesterday and got two weeks worth of patches, it makes me laugh how little these people actually know about the addiction,and i swear i have never met one who has smoked.i bet my knowledge is 1000% more than any of them..........

i have noticed that i have in the evenings been craving biscuits and chocolate,but i think a small price to pay in the interim,and historically it goes after the first week or so.

In two days time it'll be a week, so excited....


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Morning Baz

Well done on your day 5 thats the worse bit over and almost on a week quit. Before you know it you will be counting in weeks. I agree about the people who dish out the nrt and advice. I think it should be a must that they are ex smokers. Keep strong mate your doing fab.xxxxxx


Good going Baz, keep up the good work, all these days add up to weeks, then months, well done.



Hi Baz :D

You're doing great almost a week smoke free keep going

Biscuits and chocolate won't do you any harm except you may put a little weight




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