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day 4

hi everyone,

well here i am on day 4 (which is almost a week!) and it feels sooo good,patches are doing there job,albeit for the red marks when the patches come off,no real cravings as of yer,but i think thats down to doing my homework and reading loads,and understanding things like the addiction.

I think it really helps as you dont feel like you have given up something,and really miss it,and i think i am really ready for it,by that i mean people who give up half heartedly,and spend all their time with mega cravings and being in a foul mood as they really want to smoke.

I can feel a difference already,no wheezing from countless numbers of fags,more energy,and a total feelgood factor,but my guard is still high and i am by no means complacent this time.

Thanks for all me replies and messages,it really motivates me.

can anyone tell me how to create a signature??


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Well done on day 4 so very nearly a week and that is a huge milestone. Glad to hear you sounding so up for it and positive, the reading does really help I know.

As for the signiture thing, go to your user CP and Edit Signiture on the left hand side.

Keep up the good work.


Hi Baz :D

Well done 4 days and hardly any creaves is great and you're right the reading really does help Know your enemy and how he works




Brill Baz getting your 4 days done is great and you are definitely doing all the right things.



Hi Baz,

Well done for getting to day 4, day 5 on the horizon :)

I always get red marks from the patches when I take them off. The worst is when my skin itches like crazy for a while when I put a fresh one on. Small price to pay though hey :D

Keep it up, your doing great.

Love G xxx


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