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No Smoking Day
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day 2 going strong!!

well day 2 well underway,and its going really well,despite going to see my mum who smokes like a trooper....

really noticing the awful smell of fags on my clothes,so the washing begins.

been using high strength patches,but taking them off when i go to bed to stop the waking up every hour.

appetite is coming back,and drinking plenty of water.

good luck everyone


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Hi Baz :D

So pleased to hear it's all going well on day 2 just hang in there


Marg xx


ahh good for you Baz. Keep the next day patch handy and make it part of your morning ritual and you should be fine.

The very very best of luck to you on your quit, hope you succeed with all your goals.




I used patches too and took them off at night, so, trust yourself, you can definitely do it. Read plenty of the websites listed in our signatures, understanding nicotine addiction will help you to stay stopped.



hy baz well done... i know what you mean about smell on ur clothes..... i have had to wash all my clothes, curtains betting all soft furnishings..... lol... kept me busy first week but helped. reading allen carrs book as well which s elping keep me on track keep strong...... everyone onhere is readlly supportive



Yay... well done Baz,

Your doing really great!

Tis hard when people smoke around you initially, but it does get better, my OH still smokes, which used to be, and sometimes still can be a little tricky. but not often. :D

Keep on going, and if at any point you want to cave, just remember that if you feel a little off colour, that it wont last for long.

Hip hip hoorah for non smoking Baz!!! :D


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