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Day 40... I think... counts...........yes day 40!

Hey all,

Well done everyone you are a constant source of inspiration to me!

It's day 40 today, and from last friday I have fallen in to the dreaded Christmas food trap!

I promised myself I would be restrained this year but it's just not happening and we had a massive buffet lunch here at work today which I just kept on nibbling at... am now sitting at my desk bulging out of my size 12's (gutted as I just got back to being a size 12 lol) and thinking if I cycle home really really fast maybe I can burn off a mini sausage roll and some tortilla chips and dips!

Oh well soup for the next couple of days again, then back out on saturday lol

Am avoiding the pub tonight, folk are going from work, but I dont feel like having that battle again tonight (still find the pubs tough) lol I'll save it for saturday lol

Has anyone else noticed getting extra drunk or is that just me :confused: I think it's cos I wont let go of my glass for fear I'll pick up a ciggie :p

Much love all, gonna ask boss for an early finish!


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Woohoo, well done babes!!!

Cracking Milestone, i love reading your post cos it spurs me on as i'm not far behind you... woohoo!!!

Yep the getting tiddlier faster is most definate.... the first time i was rather an embarrassment LOL! :rolleyes: i think its substituting cravings for a sip, and didn't help that i insisted on having a straw as something to nibble on as i drank... strange the things we do at the moment... hehe :o

Big sticky toffee pudding hugs



Mixxy you are a star....well done on 40 days hun



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