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100..or 101 Days! Wowzah!!!

Hi all

I think I'm on 101 days (it was 14 weeks Monday just gone) - obviously giving up smoking has affected my maths!!:D Couldn't post yesterday was too busy.

I seriously cannot believe I've reached this point - 100 (or 101!!) days without a cig! Brilliant!!! And it does seem to be getting a lot easier and I'm now going for quite long stretches without even thinking about them. Athough I am not going to become complacent.

And today London Underground decided to have one of its crappier days - so I walked through 2 of our lovely parks this morning. It was a beautiful morning - I was listening to some funky choons on my ipod - and I just breathed! No crackling. Just big breaths of clean fresh air. Must say it felt tremendous.

Again - thanks to all on here for your support and for sharing your experiences.

And to others who may be facing difficulties with their quit - stick at it. I never thought I'd get to this point - or that it may be viewed as "getting easier". But as someone who's now here - it does!

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100 not out! good work atomic - yeah its nice out in London this morning, maybe by 200 you might decide to do it as a regular thing?

congratulations fella - thats a big milestone. No more double digits ever again :D


Fantastic news, yet another milestone well done.


SWEET!!!. keep it going man. I'm in the same time area as you and everyday it gets better.


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