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8 Weeks and going strong

Hello Everyone

Im now on my 8th week and can now say i feel like a non smoker for real now.

Can't stand the smell on people after they have smoked (still kinda like the smell of a freshly lit fag!!).

Went to see arsenal on sunday , which for me is where i was so used to smoking before and after the game along with a few beers. But i felt fine, even though we lost 3-0!! Which is all good as it was the one place that i was scared of going back to knowing that i associate it with smoking.

Hope this gives anybody some confidence to keep going.

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I want to say congratulations on going to a game having a few beers, your team lost and not pulling your hair out. You have quit smoking. Way to go.


Hi Alfie

Good on your 8 week of not smoking, that's great going :)

Sorry your team lost but good on you for getting through a 'hot spot' without falling back on the old nicotine.

Keep up the great work



Hi Alfie :D

Well done 7 weeks done and dusted that's great and really pleased you feel like a NON SMOKER

Also well done going to the match which you associated with smoking and a few beers and not wanting one a huge trigger out of the way for you


Marg xxx


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