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Week 3. Boombastic, telefontastic

Wahey week 3...well this usually where my quit ends up by the graveside. Week 3 is the bane of my life....I will get through this week. Sorry for not being on here a while...I've been ill (again!). But no fags..I've been thinking about this, everytime I've quit before I always get ill. Then the miserableness of being ill means I've previously caved into smoking. But not this time...I'm just going to be miserable and ill but smokefree. It's gotta get better right??? Anyways, hope everything is hunkey dorey with you guys. Lisa X

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Well done Lisa, keep the mindset right. Of course it will get better. Hang on in there, you will be fine.


Yes Lisa it will all get better, flu like symptoms happen to quite a lot of people. You can read about the 3 week problems in my signature it may help you to go past it this time.

You can do it.



Lisa, Week three Woooo Hoooo. Your post has a unspoken element to it. You make it seem as if something bad is waiting for you. You have made it far into the journey. This is where you count in weeks not days. The demon has been sent off. Oh, I get it. Are you worried about him jumping on your back? That is our job. Let us know when you hear him breathing and we will help you with that. Alright? Good.


Hi Lisa :D

Sorry you've been poorly again but hope you feel better now and well done you and well done getting to week three that's great

Keep it going and you know if this week gets a bit tough all you have to do is yell

We'll all help as much as we can Promise and it really does get much easier the further you go


Marg xx


Hey Lisa, you are just ahead of me and I'm looking up to you for my inspiration, so keep on trucking, ok? You are doing great and I know exactly what you mean about wanting to smoke if you are ill, I was (would be) just the same but we have to think that if we smoke, we would still be ill but be disappointed in ourselves too - so not worth it - just keep going, you got to for both of us. xxxx hugs xxxx


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