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Moment of Truth...Day 48


Wow - I thought I'd post just before going to bed, as I've just hit a milestone (for me) today on day 48 (and I really hope that I'm not tempting fate). But, I've just had my first day - with no cravings! :)

No craving - at all, all day, and I hadn't even noticed! It's only when I just got up to do some dishes and I thought at the sink that there is normally something I'd be thinking about, that I realised, oh yes - cigarettes. But even now, I couldn't care less about them.

Wow! :D

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Hi Pablo :D

WOW that's a great break through not thinking or craving a fag all day

Day 48 so almost the 1/2 Century as well


Marg xx

Fantastic news, long may it continue.

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