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Evening of day 18

Hey all,

Hope this find you all well... day 18 is coming to an end and has been a good day crave wise which is always nice, even stood with the smokers at college all 3 of whom forgot i was giving up and offered me one instead I had a chewing gum and a chat lol

Another evening out is looming on Friday, really hope it's not as bad as last week I was climbing the walls lol I hope it's chucking it down with rain so I can think... well at least I dont have to be outside in that lol

Well I am shattered so very very early night for me.


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Wow, excellent getting onto day 18....really getting places now and soon you'll be on 3 weeks. How good is that...a real achievement :)

Nice one of getting past the previous night out without having a cig. Now that you know how it affects you when you are on a night out you could think ahead and try and prepare yourself. You could read around what other people's experiences have been like when they had a new quit and were tempted on a night.

It's still all new stuff to you so reading will be give you others' experiences and you'll hopefully get some further knowledge about what a stupid thing smoking actually is. Education is the key to making your experience less of a difficult time.

Keep on, keepin' on,



Hi Mixxy :D

Well done you 18 days that's great keep it going

Well done getting through a night out smoke free but for this one as Cav say's prepare for it and it will be easier for you as the more you practice the easier it gets as with just as anything else


Marg xx


Congratulations Mixxy!

Your doing fabulously well, its sooo lovely to be able to stand with people smoking and not be bothered about having one..... it is starting (for me) to smell really quite yukky.... thats good as it prompts me not to have one!!! :D

After just one more sleeps i'll be on day 18 too... hoorah! :)


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