Yah me! *9 months*

Having to rely on my Quit Counter to remind me now!

I do believe I can see the penthouse, just 3 months more to get there!

The last month has been the easiest of all the months. The weight is coming off now, I have stopped dreaming of smoking, I feel tons better. Just had a seasonal bout of the coughs and colds and its the first time it hasnt turned into sinusitis and laid me out for a couple of days, that alone is a great reason for me to have quit.

Off to enjoy a day of painting and decorating!



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  • It sounds like you have reached that magical plateau where you have forgotten about smoking. Congratulations. To be able to think in months, or weeks is nice compared the beginning where I counted in hours an half days. Way to go.

  • Hi Nog :D

    Huge CONGRATULATIONS on 9 months smoke free that's great and I'm sure you can see the Penthouse on the horizon

    So pleased to hear you feel tons better as well


    Marg xxxx

  • Bloody well done nog you sound like your in the right place there. 9 months that fab quitting sats. Not long now will keep you a nice seat.xxxxxx

  • Great stuff Nog...no doubt you'll have some Jimmy Choo's singled out as wee gift to yourself ;)

    DFS team seem to be a really successful quit group. Just goes to show how these things can also help in the grand scheme of things.

    Painting and decorating...no more nicotine hued walls in the future :)

  • Nog, Congratulation on your 9 months! Weight gain all gone - that's terrific! See you in the penthouse! Jody

  • Another Feber :) WELL DONE Dragon!! We are a strong quit group.... so proud of all of us! You have a great day!! xxx

  • Sorry I am a little late but well done on your terrific 9 months, three quarters of the year done.


  • Well Done Nog !

    9 months is a fantastic milestone to reach......WELL DONE.

    Nearly in the penthouse you lucky thing.


    quit 28th april 09

    3 months patches

    & nearly 4 months cold turkey:)

  • Hey nogarD,

    So good to see you at 9 months - massive CONGRATULATIONS. All you DFS Febbers are cutting a nice path for the rest of us to follow.:D

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