I think I am meant to be here!!

It is the end of day 22 for me and as there is no week 4 I am guessing this is the place to be :) and once I have done my full month I pop to month 2???

Anyhow.... over 3 weeks of not smoking :D OH didnt last as long and is now smoking again. That was hard but coping now ok. He has cut right down and only smokes outside so it doesnt bother me.

I have had my good and bad times, eaten too much but feel very happy to be here.


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  • Hi Nikki not easy when other half is smoking, good its not bothering u though..... keep up the good work


  • Well done Nickif. My OH still smoking too but also outside, and my quitting has definitely slowed her down. Look forward to making it to Month 1 in a day or so too.

  • Well done to you all especially those with OH`s still smoking I am in total admiration, I am finding it really hard with my OH not smoking and giving me total support.

    Think you are all great xxx

  • Hi Nicki :D

    Well done you 22 days that's great and yes you're in the right place and also yes at the end of the 1st month it's month 2 and so on

    Sorry OH went back to it though but pleased he has at least cut down and is smoking out side so not affecting you


    Marg xx

  • Hi Nicki

    Well done on three weeks. It does get easier. You'll soon be in Month 2 and then counting in months rather than days or weeks.


  • Welcome Nikki :)

    This bit (Month 1) is a doddle *fingers crossed* as your only in it a little bit and then you move on to Month 2 - it really helps this quick change over, meanwhile enjoy, celebrate and take pride in getting this far....no small achievement.

    Cheers me Dear *raises glass*

    Pol xx

  • Congratulations for getting to the month1 zone. Does it seem like a long time getting here or quick? You have done well to have not smoked for over 3 weeks you should be proud of yourself.

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