No Smoking Day
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Sorry, I couldn't wait!!

Well.. I am waiting till 25th so I can say 'ONE MONTH!!!'... but hey... today is day 26. Never thought it would have been this easy! Had I known.......

Anyway, here I am for one month before I go to Month 2, and don't you start confusing me with 'you should be in month 2 now... ' lol! I have been light-headed and dizzy for over month with my tablets, so I need no more confusion!!

But in all honesty, however is reading this and planning to quit with Zyban/Champix... just DO IT!.

My partner smokes heavily and he is at home all day with me smoking in front of me and I am not bothered at all. He also have a nice wooden box on the table full of cigs but it never bothered me and I don't get any temptations, I even clean 'his' ashtrays when they are full! Still not bothered.

He smells awful everytime, THAT bothers me! Even if he brushes his teeth, he still smell bad, THAT bothers me. To think I used to smell like that and I didn't even know it!!

At work my colleague sits in front of me, everytime she comes back from having a cig break, she reeks of smoke.. eek! Really really badly, I can't believe I have been sitting in front of her for 6 years and I never smelled anything!

Oh yes! Last night my hubby was cooking and I told him that I could smell burning in the kitchen, he said it was my imagination and that ZYBAN is making you smell what is not there and blah blah blah (he blames everything on my Zyban - he is jealous!!). I kept telling him I could smell burning but he wouldn't listen.

Later on we had to call for a takeaway as dinner was SOOOOO burnt that it looked like charcoal... and all the time he couldn't smell anything?? Weird!

Oh well... I thought you should know all this, so here it is! lol!

Kiss Kiss

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Hi Lolito :D

26 days is great well done Big Hug and your sense of smell is back that'll tech hubby to blame everything on Zyban as he burnt the meal :D

I'm really pleased his smoking doesn't bother you at all and like you I think he's jealous and that's why he blames everything on Zyban


Marg xx


You are my new hero. I have gone through hades and back on my quit and I never come in direct contact with a smoker. To live with a smoker wow. The part of your post that addresses the smell of someone who has just smoked hit a chord with me. I had no idea that I smelled after a smoke. My wife used to comment about the smell but I just did not know.

Congratulations on one month. You deserve something special. Go reward yourself.


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