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Week 2, who'd have thought it?

Goodness, it's week 2! Only just but hey, day 8 is day 8!! I like the fact I am in a different posting bit- it's great to move from day 1, day 2, day 3, to end of the first week.... and now week 2! I'm looking forward to posting in some of the loooong way away threads! ;)

Am actually coping pretty well, the odd 'empty' moment, but they last for less and less time each occurrence. Am now just waiting for them to fade away completely.

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Congratulations!!!!! Job well done! Keep up the great work! :D



Well done you


Hi deedeebel

Day 8 and the start of week 2 that's great keep going


Marg xx


Well, at the end of day 8, into week 2, still feeling ok! It's not a walk in the park, but it is getting easier which is lovely.

I so enjoy reading the posts that are months ahead, years even, it is so positive and makes me realise this can be done, the benefits are huge, and I'm not missing anything! I spent the first couple of days in 'mourning' which is bonkers, but smoking had been part of me for so long. Tackling the truth of why I smoked (oh how embarressing) and dealing with the triggers- that and admitting to being a nicotine addict- have really helped. As has all the amazing support this site has given, the lovely people who take time to encourage and bouy me (and you!) up.

So this is DeeDee, staying strong, staying clean, trying not to murder my nearest and dearest!! :p


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