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11 weeks

Still struggling I am afraid to say, I have not been posting a lot recently cause I am still finding it quite hard not to smoke. I am just hanging on there till next Wednesday cause that will be 3 whole months and I will have the terrible 3's out of the way, am hoping and praying that I will have some sort of breakthrough at that point.

I know the rules, choose not to smoke, read, read, read, NOPE, and I can say hand on heart I have not had one puff in 11 weeks. Roll on 12 weeks and I can get out of this dam room and onwards and upwards.

An update on mum, she has been told today that she will be having a smaller op, and she should be in hospital for about 4 days. She will go in on Thursday afternoon and have the op on Friday. I am going with dad to sit in the hospital all day Friday, and hopefully she should be out at the beginning of next week. Keep your fingers crossed everybody, and your prayers will be most welcome if that is your thing, it certainly is mine.

Thanks for reading to me waffling on again, and I will try to be a little more upbeat next time.

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Bev you are doing great, keep at it, it is so worth it.

I do hope all will be well for your Mum, stress like that can make us feel we need to smoke but like they say stress happens whether we smoke or not so it would not make Mum better - if it did I bet we would all have one for you.

Thinking about you.



Hi Bev

I dont want to preach to you because i know you understand so all i can say is please dont have one and spoil your excellent quit so far.

Hope your mum is ok i said a little prayer in church for her tonight.

I hope things are more positive soon.


Hey Bev girl, so proud of you. Truly. You've stayed strong during this tough time when I know it would have just been so very easy for you to succumb. You absolutely can not give up now and I know you will not for you would have to start all over again and that thought alone should keep you going.

Please don't wait for some special magic to happen after month 3...... your power lies in your understanding that a fag will do nothing for you but kill you slowly. The only reason you have given fags so much importance is because of the withdrawal they cause and relieve. Nicotine levels drop, you need a fag, you have one, you feel better............ a vicious cycle called addiction. So don't ever think of looking back as that is all you will ever get.

You've done so well..... keep on truckin and stay strong. Will always be there for you if you need support xxx Bella


Hi Bev :)

11 weeks well done sorry you're still struggling though

Pleased to hear your Mum is having a smaller op and will only be in hospital 4 days

Please give her my best wishes for a speedy recovery



I'm right there with you so tie knot and hold on. Been having those moments and still having them. Been thinking about them smokes a ton but as much as you or I want one we won't because we've come this far and we will beat this crap. I'm thinking some chocolate might be good about right now, alot of chocolate LOL.:D

Hang in there Bev


Hi Bev - am sorry to hear you're still struggling. I can’t add much more to what the other guys have said - but keep at it you're doing great and in such a stressful situation with your mum. I hope everything goes ok with her.

As you know it was my 11 weeks on Monday and I feel I have had some sort of breakthrough – so just keep with it – it will come to you also.


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