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Day 3


Still here, with lollipop stick plugged in!

Anyone else find taking off the patches a bit difficult - or am I being a baby?

I put the first one on the outside of my upper arm so I could keep an eye on it. Todays I've put on my other arm, upper inside, see how that goes.

Woke at 5am and couldn't stop coughing and suddenly thought, I would love a mug of coffee and then realised, as long as I dont smoke, I can do almost anything else I want, so I enjoyed my coffee and then slept again for an hour or so.

My breathing has improved a lot, just in 3 days and thats wonderful.

Still feeling a bit shaky and emotional though. :(

Hope everyone else is doing well, yay us, we are still here so congrats to us all. xxxx

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Hi well done you, 3 days completed. I think you would have less bother taking the patches of your outer arm as the skin there is tougher than the inside. If it is sore get someone else to pull it off quickly you will hardly feel it at all. You can also put them on your thighs, the skin there might be less sensitive.

The emotional thing is a symptom of stopping and will get better. You could read some of the literature in our signatures or some of the posts from others around your time and you will see how others are feeling, it will help you to know you are dealing with the same things as others.

Looking our for you.


Hi Vivienne :D

Well done on day 3 that's great just hang in there

Already you're feeling the benefits with your breathing but there are so many more to come for you yet Promise

Feeling shaky and emotional is normal this early in a quit it will pass and is all part of the body healing itself from the abuse given while you smoked


Marg xx

Thank you both so much for your support, yes I do keep reading things from the sigs and they are very helpful.

I'm looking forward so much to being able to be more active and do things again, now realise that I was just killing myself, how stupid! I used to only be able to do one small job and then had to sit down as I was breathless but thats already improved so much, its giving me the heart and determination to continue.

A friend of mine is so impressed with me that her and her husband are going to give up now and I heard myself say to her that it will only work if they really want to give up - like I'm some expert already!!! :) She's been ringing me every day for a progress report so it would be great to be able to support them soon too.

Thanks again for your support, it means a lot. xx

Hi Vivienne :D

Already you've inspired some one else to quit in fact 2 some ones well doen and what you said to them is spot on it does only work if you really want it to

I'm really pleased that already you're feeling the benefits


Marg xxx

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