A Stay in the Hospital

As I was recovering from the insertion of my second stent my cardioligist came into my room to discharge me. He started talking and telling me about the medications I had to take and how I needed to start an exercise program. Then he dropped THE bomb. I needed to stop smoking or buy some more life insurance.

Looking back I cannot for the life of me figure out why 14 years ago when he put the first stent in I did not quit. I pray that I did not put off quitting too long.

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  • Hi Stumpsounder :D

    It is never to late to quit as no matter when you do your health is bound to improve from what it was keep it going


    Marg xx

  • Hi there

    You stopped in August, you've already improved your health to what it may have been:)

    When, if you do, do you go back for further tests/results following the insertion of the second stent? Hopefully they will see improved health benefits form quitting.

    All the best


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