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No Smoking Day
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Day 4 - Help Please

Hi. I am on day four of my quit and I just wondered whether it was right to feel like the way I am. I feel quite light headed , and I can't seem to build up the energy or focus on going to work or to any appointments I have without being late or missing them completely. I woke up this morning and immediately went back to bed. I just felt this overwhelming tiredness. It is quite frustrating as I feel like I am being held back and I am wasting days away by doing nothing.

I don't really feel an urge to rush to the shop and buy some cigarettes, but whatever I do I keep thinking about having a smoke. It is when I go out I tend to get the bad cravings, which is driving me crazy. I just don't know whether to get some time off work, or what to do for the best atm. I have only been smoking for about 3 1/2 years, and I have been suffering from low moods for four months. That is my main reason for quitting.

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Hi Paul, I'm guessing from this post and your last one, that you're doing this on your own, without smoking clinic advice, or nicotine substitutes etc

It's a hard slog whichever road you take, but I'm thinking it's an even harder one if you haven't got your head prepared for the quit and understand what is going to lie ahead in terms of withdrawals cravings etc.

None of what you describe is unusual when giving up. But you do sound very low and given that you've been feeling like this for sometime, I really think you should get some help with this. Try making an appointment with yur GP or a referral to a smoking clinic.

Post here all you want to and we'll all try and help. Giving up smoking is a great thing, but the first few days, weeks, months can be hell for some people. You can suffer mood swings and related depressive feelings. If you're giving up smoking to improve a 'down' feeling, it might get worse before it gets better and it's unlikely to be a 'quick fix'. You have to grin and bear it and work through the bad times.

I'm no doctor and others might have differing views, but I really think you should talk to someone with medical expertise in this.



Hey, I am no medical person. Breaking the bonds of addiction is a hard thing to do. Nicotine is a tough nut to crack. I do not think it matters if you have been smoking 3 years or 33 the addiction has to be dealt with. It is not an easy thing to do. You should be somewhere around the 100 hour mark now and the cravings should back off somewhat.

Let me say some positive stuff now. You do not smell like an ashtray any more. You are in charge of you addiction now. You have taken control from the demon and that should give you a very good feeling.

We all set aside a part of who we were when we quit. A change in your life even if it is a positive thing is still a change. Life without smoking requires some adjustment. Be kind to yourself, You are worth it.


Hi Paul :D

Well done 4 days 1/2 a week that's great just hang in there I Promise it does get better

All the things you're feeling just now are normal for most od us quitters but it will pass very soon

You'll feel do much better even in a few days than you do now


Marg xxx



I just got done watchign this video from bman, it was under general tips. Watch this and see if it is what you are going threw. Are you using a patch or anything or just going cold turkey?

Just keep it up as everyone here says that it does get better as time goes on.



Hi Paul

Sorry you are having such a tough time, but what you are doing is so worth it. Just think with every day that passes you will never have to go through that day again.

Stay strong...xx


keep er up

Keep it up Paul, you know you won't feel any better if u go out and smoke...only worse. Remember...they are evil


Keep going :)

Hey Paul,

I am just starting day 8... over days 3 and 4 I was also light headed, it's completely normal, also I was unable to remember anything for more then five seconds...made for a couple of interesting days at work :/ It does get better I seem to be already over that.

How are you feeling today?



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