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100 Days For Our Friends abroad

Like to say a big congratulations to EllieKez for her 100 days upto, well done Ellie loving your work....

Must be very hard for you guys on the other side of the world as we have the support of the forum during the day,but for you guys in Aus, America, etc it must be difficult not being able to chat to as many people so can i say a big well done and keep it going :)

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It's real nice having you on board from afar, well done on your 100 days.



Another centenary celebrator....congrats Elliekez.

Birthday time too...if I remember correctly ;)


*Looks a bit like a were-cat that one :eek:


( :D @ previous kitteh picture :) )

congrats to elliekez on 100 days :)

*raises a glass to this day and the next 100 to come*


Hi Kez :D

Well done you on your first Century as a non smoker and I know there'll be many more to come for you


Marg xxxxx


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